Friday, April 1, 2011

INTERVIEW: Nick Adams From Priscilla Queen of the Desert


1. Your last role on Broadway was one of the "Cagelles" in La Cage Aux Folles. What was it like working on that Tony Award winning production?
*It was an incredible time. It was my first time working on such a critically successful production from the beginning. I love that family. Working with Kelsey and Doug, learning from them... It was a wonderful experience.
2. You are now playing the lovable Felicia in the smash hit Priscilla Queen of the Desert. What is it like tackling your first lead on the Great White Way?
*It's an absolute dream. It really doesn't feel real sometimes. It's the most exciting time in my life. I've never been happier. It's the most responsibility I've ever had in a show, yet I have the most fun I've ever had. I've realized the dream I've had from the time I was a nine year old boy in Erie, Pa. My mind is blown!
3. Guy Pearce, the original Felicia from the movie, attended opening night. Did you have the chance to meet him? Did he give you any advice?
*Yes! It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet him and receive his blessing on my interpretation of this role. We spoke at length on opening night and to receive the "OK!" from the man who brought this character to life on film was a very magical and humbling moment. 
4. Priscilla is such a nationwide smash; what did you do to truly make this role your own?
*Well I've never seen a stage production of the musical, so I went on instinct and allowed myself to find him with the guidance of our amazing creatives and my incredible leading men costars. I wanted to bring a lot of myself to the role and infuse Adam with a youthful, jovial essence. I wanted to show the little boy hiding inside under all the wit and muscle.
5. You have the chance to belt some of the biggest disco hits of all time in this show. Was it nerve-racking taking on the likes of Madonna?
*I was so excited. It's a first to have her music in a broadway show so I felt honored to be the one to get to create it. I forget in the context of the piece that they are all preexisting popular hits. It's only when I step out of it and people ask then I say, "oh yeah you're right!"
6. Will Swenson, Tony Sheldon, and you seem to have amazing chemistry on stage! How did you guys get to become so close both on and off stage?
*Will and I knew one another socially before we started rehearsals, but when the three of us got together the first day, we just clicked. Our creative team said "we finally got it right." We are like family offstage now as well so that carries over into the show. It's necessary that you believe and care for the three individually and collectively. We hung out together right away, went to drag shows... really established a great bond from day one. They are incredible people and I can't imagine doing the show with anyone else.
7. What is it like working with the big star of the show, Priscilla, the bus herself?
*She's unreal! I love her. She's very consistent and always shows up for work. It's amazing to see a set piece that has a mind of it's own. (There are actually many people involved in making her move so effortlessly.) But she is a crowd pleaser. 
8. The reception each night for Priscilla from audience members and critics alike has been extremely positive. What is it like being up on that stage each night?
*I've never been in a musical that gains a reaction like this. It's maniacal. We get them in a joyous frenzy! It's remarkable to hear the roar of applause each night and to look out and see so many people look so happy. You'd think you were at a rock concert the way the crowd is dancing and screaming. It's the most thrilling thing I've ever felt.
9. You had a chance to work for the “It Gets Better” campaign. What was that experience like?
*I was very honored to work with the "it Gets better" campaign and act as spokespeople for their work. The message of our show is that of love and acceptance. We celebrate individuality. I can't think of a better vehicle to help the campaign and spread awareness. I'm a living example.  
10. You have a popular video blog now on What can your fans look forward to on that series – any big episodes coming up?
*We just had our biggest last week with the opening night segment including the today show. In the next coming weeks I'll be taking the camera about town with me more (daily life, classes, interviews) and will introduce more of the cast. I want people to see inside our family at the Palace.

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