Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Year of the Rooster @ The Ensemble Studio Theater

Year of The Rooster is about a man who owns a prize rooster for cock fights. After getting involved with dirty dealings, his thirst for power takes over and he ends up with nothing.  
This play was simply riveting from the beginning. I was captivated by all the performances. A man named Gil Pepper(Thomas Lyons)  takes risks with cock fights and has a thirst to win but Dickie Thimble(Denny Dale Bass) is a powerful and wealthy man in the cock fighting business who always wins. Pepper's thirst for power is ultimately his downfall. His rooster Odyssesus Rex(Bobby Moreno) believes he is invincible and can kill anything or anyone.
Delphi Harrington(Lou Pepper), who plays Gil's mom, gives a stunning performance as a new widow struggling for independence while till desperately holding on to the son who takes care of her. She has let herself go completely due to her tragedies. Megan Tusing(Philipa) who plays Gil's co-worker at McDonalds gives a stellar performance as a 19 year old cashier who exhibits the innocence in the show. You see her struggle with moving up in the world yet enjoying the power that comes her way.
Year of the Rooster is at Ensemble Studio Theatre as apart of there Youngblood Program for Playwrights Under 30. Year of the Rooster is running till February, was written by Eric Dufault and directed by John Giampietro.

Photos By: Russ Kuhner
Review By: Sarah Brown

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