Thursday, October 9, 2014

Can Can @ The Paper Mill Playhouse

An old Cole Porter classic finds it was over to Papermill this fall. Can-Can delivers thrilling combat, stunning talent and the highest kicks you have ever seen. Kate Baldwin leads this high flying cast in a production that would make Cole Porter proud. 

Set in the year 1893, Can-Can tells the tale of Paris dance hall owner, La Mome Pistache, and her battle with a self-rightious judge, Aristide, who is determined to shut her business down. The sexy Can-Can dance has become popular and Judge Aristide is determined to stop it. When Judge Aristide investigates the Bal du Paradis, La Mome Pastache seduces him and the two eventually fall in love. By the time her case comes to trial, Aristide has had a change of heart and works to win her acquittal.

Kate Baldwin leads the cast as Madame Pistache, the owner of the Paris dance hall.  Baldwin knocks this performance out of the park. She was sincere, strong and sexy, and has the vocal talent of a god. Jason Danieley played Aristide, the new judge in town the is trying to shut down Madame Pistache's night club. Daniely's performance started out rocky but as the show went on, he won the audience over with his smooth baritone vocals. Overall this cast was extremely well developed, each person had a equally memorable character, a truly strong performance by all.

The one person who truly deserves a bow every night would have to be Patti Colombo, choreographer. Colombo created an exciting display of organized chaos which left the audiences jaws on the floor.

Can-Can opened at Paper Mill Playhouse on October 5th, 2014 and plays through October 26th, 2014. Hurry up and get your tickets for this Broadway ready performance. 

Review By: James Russo
Photos By: Matthew Murphy

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