Friday, August 19, 2016


A review takes a lot of time and thought. I find myself highlighting and crossing out a myriad of words and sounds that my brain dictated to my hand in the moment, and I sit here, hours later, deciphering my own thoughts and thinking to myself:  wtf?

But when my buddy Benny told me their Magical Adventure of Benny and Griff: the Musical was nearly sold out Saturday and had a few seats left on Friday, I rushed to my computer in a valiant attempt to notify the masses (hey, that’s you!)

I can not say bigger or better things about Benny and Griff’s bizarre, vaudevillian variety show nor their troupe that pushes the story backwards, forwards, in a cave (dressed in GARBAGE BAGS, btw), through the ocean and right back to The Royal Theatre at The Producer’s Club. They unearth crowd favorites (no seriously, people are clapping and singing along) as they tackle a new magical adventure, never been seen before.

Oh, let me tell you about Benny and Griff! Benny and Griff look like Snap and Crackle and the missing POP is in their amazing energy and countless unified personas.  They are everything you wanted to be in the 90s. Dave Columbo is Benny and Griff’s incredible Salesman, who is hilariously reminiscent of the dead Oxyclean Guy. Columbo also plays Dave, a pivotal character in Benny and Griff’s world, but I wont tell you why- you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Rounding out the ensemble is the brilliant Nolan Hennelly playing Captain Barry, a sexy pirate exploring his base range, fighting off River Beasts and Dark Ones all with a martini glass/boxed wine/tall boy in hand. Matt Leary and Eric Dolan each play a ridiculous range of characters quickly, tremendously and unapologetically.

For more on Benny and Griff’s magical adventures- check in on them on all forms of social media. So don’t be a Gallump- go check them out NOW!

Review: Brittany Goodwin
Photos: Dave Columbo

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