Tuesday, April 9, 2013

F#%king Up Everything @ The Elektra Theatre

           Every feel like you just cant do anything right? Kind of like nothing ever goes right for you? Kind of like you're.......Fucking up Everything? Well, David Eric Davis and Sam Forman feel like that, so much that they wrote an enitre musical about how a group of people not only fuck up their own lives but also the people around them. F#%cking Up Everything is playing at the Elektra Theatre in the middle of Time Scare.

           F#@king Up Everything is a rock musical comedy with heart. Set in today’s Brooklyn indie music scene, it is an old-fashioned boy-meets-girl love story for the 21st Century. When these hipsters aren’t true to who they are, they fuck up everything. Especially love. And no one fucks up more than children’s puppeteer Christian Mohammed Schwartzelberg when he meets singer-songwriter Juliana, the girl of his dreams.

           This cast is full of extreme and ridiculous undiscovered talent that this theater is barely able to keep together. Lisa Birnbaum plays the sex driven music producer with high standards and tight cloths. Birnbaum doesn't make her appearance until about half way through the show but when she does, she arrives with great stamina and destroys the stage with her anthem "Fuck-It List".  Dawn Cantwell (Dogfight) plays the cute, quirky, hipster-geek Ivy. Cantwell steals the audiences heart as she struggles with feelings for her best friend Jake and he actual boyfriend Tony. Katherine Cozumel plays the free-spirited, hippie Juliana. Cozumel making her New York debut and fresh out of collage holds her own with in the new high energy show, simply wonderful. Max Crumm(Grease) makes his return to the New York stage as leading man Christen the awkward puppeteer nerd. Crumm is hysterical and just the perfect about of socially awkward. Jason Gotay (Bring It On: The Musical) plays Jake, the hot bad boy and best friends with nerd boy Christen. Gotay starts off the musical with a bang singing the title song, "Fucking Up Everything", and keeps up that outrageous energy throughout the entire performance. Rounding out the cast is Douglas Widick as Tony and George Salazar (Godspell) as Drummer. Widick and Salazar provide a secret love story that takes the audience by surprise, adorable.

Jen Wineman is responsible for making this ridiculous show look good. Being the Director and Choreography of this production, she would be to blame if anything went wrong or didn't look right; but she took this strange rock musical by storm and knocked it out of the park. Deb O did the set design, and she had to face a whole new string of problems, such as how to make it appear as if they were in different places in such a small theater.  O sure enough was able to pull it off by having things open and moving a car seat around for a change of scenery, without actually changing anything on stage. Joel E. Silver (Hair) did the light design, and he kept it nice and simple which let the material of this over the top musical stand out.

         So if in the city and feeling ambitious head over to the Elektra Theatre and don't miss out on the Indie Rock Musical, Located in the middle of Time Scare, NYC's year round haunted house.


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