Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jeykll and Hyde @ The Marquis Theatre

Although its’ initial Broadway run in 1997 lasted three and a half years, the pop-rock adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic horror tale received reviews nothing less than mediocre. Unfortunately, this production is not much better.

The American Idol winner, Constantine Maroulis, brings star power to the lead roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and delivers a confident and sometimes passionate performance. Marouslis handles Mr. Wildhorn’s score with the intensity that builds as the show progresses to its tragic end. On the other hand, his less than perfect English accent and acting detract from his performance. The Grammy Award winning R&B artist, Deborah Cox is worthy of the standing ovations she received. Beautiful to look at as the ill-fated prostitute, Lucy, she provides the audience with some of the show’s most powerful moments. Her dark and lustrous voice enables her to provide the emotion and intensity her role requires. Teal Wicks, combines power and grace, vocally and visually to deliver a beautiful performance as the innocent fiancée of Dr. Jekyll.

Set and costume designer, Tobin Ost and light designer, Jeff Croiter provide the audience with  costumes reminiscent of the Victorian Era, and sets yet memorable are amateurish, something more like one would see at a community theater.

Despite its cult following, the 2012 revival of Jekyll and Hyde, hits the mark on some levels but misses on others. The tale of a young scientist trying to separate good and evil by experimenting on himself, while visually stimulating and well casted, lacks the power and thrills to be a smash. But despite its good qualities this interatation should have stayed on tour, it was in no way Broadway material.

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