Friday, November 8, 2013

La Soriee @ The Union Square Theater

La Soirée is a raunchy, entertaining show full of eroticism and talent. Set up like a circus act, the audience sits around a circular red stage as the centerpiece. Vaudeville, burlesque, cabaret, and circus are performed for the amusement of the crowd, all executed perfectly.

After debuting in London in 2010, Manhattan is lucky to feature such a tongue-in-cheek show. Presented by Brett Haylock, Mark Rubinstein, and Mick Perrin it features a cast of approximately 25 artists all different and interesting in their own right, but when combined bring such a taste of the exotic and fun to the show. Acts vary from male pole dancers to contortionists, to comedy, and acrobatics. There was not a dull moment.

It has won several awards, including the London Cabaret Award for Best One-Off-Show and its previous show La Clique won an Olivier Award in 2008.

Now in previews at the Union City Theatre, the official opening is October 7, 2013 for a limited engagement. I strongly suggest seeing the show before it goes back to London. 

Photos by Seth Walters
Review By: Aziza Seven & James Russo

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