Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Drunk Shakespeare @ Quinn's Bar

 A night of debauchery, of olde English spoken in the way it twas meant to, with a lilting slur that delights the ears and tantalizes the senses. That is what awaits you at an upper floor bar in Hell's Kitchen - Drunk Shakespeare!

   Made up of a team of "professional drinkers with a Shakespeare problem," this show presents a delightful mix of Shakespeare's greatest works, comedic improv, and audience participation for a night that is sure to leave you gasping with laughter.

   An open tab for guests encourage the audience to get as "happy" as their leading player who at the start of the show is required to consume 4 shots of the liquor of their choice. Once the liquor has been consumed, all bets are off on how good ole Bill's works will be presented. 
 I had the particular pleasure of seeing Macbeth in a way I had never seen it before. Kristin Friedlander starred as Lady Macbeth/Witch and led as fool with tequila to hold her up. Playing her ill-fated husband, Macbeth, was Lou Sallan. Damyir Shuford and Kate Gunther filled in the necessary characters, a feat that both took with grace as they fluidly stumbled through genders, names, and lines. Lastly, Josh Hyman served as host/Ross/sound effects bringing this hilarious team to life with his comedic timing and spot on impersonations as famous comedic actors such as Chris Rock, Woody Allen, and Bill Cosby.

This show only runs through June 14th, so grab your best friends and go! So much fun you will leave wishing you could be in the show yourself.  Buy your tickets here!
18+ only

Review by Aziza Seven 

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